We are a group of friends and neighbours in the St James area of Hereford who, for various reasons, wish to share the running cost of a car. Some of us want to reduce car running costs, some of us want to think more carefully about our car use, and some of us own a car but need a second car just occasionally.

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The idea began in 2009 and interest and membership has grown steadily ever since. We have formed a constituted group committed to formally sharing a small number of cars in the local area.

We have been helped and inspired by the Colwall Car Club (in Herefordshire) along the way, as well as continually supported in our development by Herefordshire Council. We were delighted to be awarded a substantial grant from Herefordshire Council’s 2012 Developing Transport in Herefordshire Fund. We are all unpaid volunteers, and share the various roles involved in running the Car Club between us.

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